Amir Khademi

Senior UX Designer

Who? An all-round experienced UX designer.

Job? End-to-end delivering products at scale, from defining roadmaps to evaluation and design systems.

Differentiator? Experience. Background. Personality. Bringing unbeatable value to complex enterprise, engineering, SaaS, and B2B products.

Career? Studied software engineering. Started in 2012. Freelanced (1 yr). Co-founded/managed a startup  (3 yrs). Senior UX designer in leading corp (6 yrs). Now exploring startups (1 yr).

Personality? Holistic yet meticulous, planner, organised, proactive, and scientific.

Industries & Domains

Data Visualisation
Monitoring & Observability
Search & Big Data
Computer Network
IoT & Cloud Computing
Industry & Energy
E-Commerce & Trade

More projects?

Apart from case studies, I've worked on several interesting projects in a variety of domains and mediums over the past decade. Take a look at the catalogue I prepared.

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